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Internet Café USA has been in operation since 1996, but prior to June 2007 we relied on independent Web Hosts to park our creations. That, while necessary proved to be a difficult situation to manage as we grew. We were at the mercy of the hosts from year to year to determine if they were going to be in business or raise their prices. In some cases there were some reliability issues.

In 2007 Internet Café USA acquired our own servers that have proven to be very fast and reliable.

Internet Café USA does not sell, rent or lease Web Hosting space as an independent Hosting Provider, but reserves our hosting space for our Web Site Clients thus providing full 'One Stop' service to our clients.

With Internet Café USA you have only one phone number to call if you have an issue with or want to upgrade your eMail, Web Site, Hosting Package or any facet of your business' web presence.

We are fast, flexible, friendly and affordable!

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