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  • Shirley Dufner GWRRA Region I Newsletter Editor said,
    "Congratulations on your new District website!! It looks great... a real credit to our Association’s image."
  • Bob Richardson - Ryerson Hardwood Floors Said,
    Thanks so much -- you always do so much better than we can imagine. - Bob
  • Dave Lee - Said,
    "Thanks so much for your quick work! Nice Changes - Things look great!"
  • Anne V. - Visitor to The Fax Times Web Site Said,
    "I must say, I'm very impressed with your Web Site. It shows creativity and is very easily understood, even by a computer novice."
  • Maury O. - Another Visitor to The Fax Times Web Site Said,
    Hi Lee, Just looked at your web site again and want to tell you that I think it is really terrific. Pass this on to whomever is responsible for taking care of it, Barbara and yourself included. It takes a lot of hard work and your effort shows. Nice job all around !!!!
    Maury O.
  • Shawn Paris - Said,
    "Thank you for helping me get started with my web page. You have done such a great job with Dave's site. We love it. He's getting lots of action now!"

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